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The Bioladies Network events are open to everyone who might be interested in the topics or benefit from the networking opportunities they provide.  Please therefore feel free to share the links below with any colleagues who might be interested.

For the time being, most events are still being held on Zoom. The Zoom link and meeting ID are contained in the email updates; please contact us if you need them.

Next event

We will be attending biolad’s Ram Shergill’s exhibition during London Fashion Week, 15 to 19 February 2023; more details to follow.

We are still looking for speakers for future sessions so if you fancy spending 7 minutes sharing your story please get in touch!

Future events

  • March meet up: this will be during British Science Week 10-19 March
  • April meet up: this will potentially be a visit to Woolcool HQ to hear from Josie and Angela Morris about the fabulous properties of wool and have a tour of the depot
  • May meet up: to be decided
  • June meet up: Conference and follow-on weekend away by the seaside for R&R and networking (see the recent events section for more information).

Recent events

We heard from Laura Bossom, founder of Cultiva, about the UK hemp industry and Amy Congdon, Chief Design Officer at Biofabricate, at our January meet up on Tuesday 17 January. More details to follow!

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