The Bioladies Network events are open to everyone who might be interested in the topics or benefit from the networking opportunities they provide.  Please therefore feel free to share the links below with any colleagues who might be interested.

For the time being, most events are still being held on Zoom. The Zoom link and meeting ID are contained in the email updates; please contact us if you need them.

Once we get back to holding more events you can attend in person, you will need to click on the event title to register on the Eventbrite site for event tickets if you are interested in attending. Every event is open to all so please feel free to share links with colleagues who may be interested.

Next events

NMA webinar on Natural Materials in Anthropology, Thursday 19 August

While there will not be a meet up in August, Iris will be the chair of the NMA webinar on Natural Materials in Anthropology starting at 13.00 UK time. Please register by clicking on the link above if you fancy catching up and hearing a fascinating talk.

Last event

Virtual meetup, Wednesday 14 July

An update on this meeting will be available shortly.

Catch up in person, London, Saturday 10 July

We met up in person on Saturday 10 July at 13.15 at King’s Cross, London: more information to follow!