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About Us

Although empowering women in the bioeconomy is still our primary goal, we have now evolved into an inclusive and safe space for all. Therefore, anyone from all sectors of the bioeconomy is welcome to join the network. We have members from academia, R&D, policy information, outreach, consultancy, and various industries including construction, agriculture, food, packaging, biopesticides.

The members of the network help each other in various ways including mentoring, personal development and career advice, introductions and sharing information at events and regular communications.

Please complete the contact form if you are interested in learning more about the Bioladies network or becoming a member.

The Bioladies community has been a fantastic support since I joined, especially through my recent career transition. The connections I’ve made through Bioladies have allowed me to gain insight in to different career pathways; enhanced my aspirations and have given support and guidance, leading me to opportunities I would never have otherwise come across! It’s wonderful to be part of such a diverse and supportive group.

Francesca Atkinson
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